Cool Tools: Godshark M.2 to USB Adapter

What kind of geek would I be if I didn’t enjoy a nerdy piece of tech?

Probably a much richer one, but thankfully my latest “Oh, hey, that actually worked” gadget didn’t set me back more than $20. Enter the Godshark M.2 to USB Adapter.

I’m lucky enough to work at a small organization that gives me ample opportunity to shine. My boss lets me run minor projects, and my reputation as someone who’s willing to work hard gets around- as is my reputation to not let go of a problem. Thus began my Monday.

When an acronym booted their laptop up after a long weekend, they had that oh-so-fun error of a missing boot volume. To be honest, I don’t see many actual missing boot volumes – usually they’ve fiddled around in their BIOS and just dropped their HD from the boot order. No biggie… quick fix. This time, though, it’s legit. First things first, I set them up a new workstation so they’re up and running again within the hour, then set about getting a replacement on order (they were eyeing an upgrade anyway). It’s only now that the acronym mentions how much they’d like their files.

“You didn’t save them on the network drive?”

The blank look tells me all I need to know. I guess it’s time to see what magic I can work. The on-board diagnostics are telling me there’s no HD, BIOS can’t see one… only thing left to do is crack this puppy open.

If you haven’t seen the guts of a laptop recently, things don’t look like they used to. Most everything resembles misshapen RAM more than the actual components they are- and for good reason. Space is at a premium, small and sleek is in.

Anyways, I’m looking at my external adapters for hard drives, looking at what passes for a hard drive in this box, and sighing. I don’t have anything that’ll fit that. Off I go to Amazon to take a gamble on a random tool. After all, when a corporate officer says jump…

So, like I said, the Godshark M.2 to USB adapter solved the problem without much fuss. I simply slid the M.2 into the adapter, plugged the USB into my computer, and voilà!, problem solved. I pulled all her files off that tiny stick and throw them on the desktop of her new computer, and I look like a genius. Definitely something I’ll be holding onto… if only it game with a case.

One thought on “Cool Tools: Godshark M.2 to USB Adapter

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