Goal Achieved: Full Time!

I just got my first paycheck since going full-time, and I’m floored.  I changed from teaching to I.T. with the intention of making more money for my family in the long run.  Well, I was successful – changing careers has resulted in a pay raise of almost $8,000 with less than six months experience.

I saw I.T. as having more earning potential – a higher ceiling for success and salary – and overall a better opportunity to provide a fuller life for my wife and child.  I never dreamed I would surpass my old salaries so fast.  I never realized how undervalued I was as a teacher.  I never dreamt it would be this easy to find solid footing in another career.

Of course I’m pleased.  Of course I’m excited about what this means for my family – but I’m sad about what this means for the society we live in.  How can a job that involved the nurturing and growing of our children be valued less than a career that fixes most problems with a restart?  Sure, there’s more challenging issues that involve tapping education, research, and problem-solving skills – but none that come even remotely close to those I had to utilize as a teacher.  In that career, I was working with people… this job is just circuits and low-voltage.

I was a good teacher.  I’m a decent I. T. guy.  This world has my head spinning again.

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